Monday Newsletter: Safely Exfoliating Your Skin

Safely Exfoliating Your Skin

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead, drying skin that feels rough and causes an aged look to the skin. Illness, fatigue, general toxicity and harsh environments will cause dead skin to build up. When our skin becomes dry or keratinized it is difficult for nourishment to penetrate and for our body to detoxify itself by pushing bad oils out. When this happens, we tend to get very dry, undernourished skin and experience a buildup of blackheads and acne blemishes.

When we exfoliate, the dry keratinized layer opens a gateway for our skin to detox itself and receive nourishment. While using an exfoliant, it is important to avoid any products that use a scrub as a way to eliminate dead skin. This can be harsh on the underlying tissue and will sometimes cause small splinters in the skin from shells and other ingredients used in many exfoliants.

At Brazil on the Hill, our Organic Abadiah exfoliants use enzymes that digest the dry and keratinized build up and dissolve the dead skin. While clearing up the dead skin, the exfoliant also nourishes, detoxifies and delivers Vitamin C and antioxidants to the underlying skin.

Abadiah Organic Skin Care offers four skin care lines, Spearmint for normal/sensitive skin, Anti-Aging, Roseca and Neem for blemished skin.

Call today for a skin care consultation and/or a custom organic facial treatment. We can naturally bring your skin to health.