Waxing vs. Tweezing… Your Guide To Getting The Perfect Brow

One of the most common concerns I get as a receptionist at Brazil on the Hill is how well the Estheticians can do eyebrow waxes. This is completely understandable! No girl wants to come out with caterpillar eyebrows or a horrible arch. So here is the debate… tweezing or waxing. Which is better?

Tweezing- This usually takes place for hours in front of the mirror before bed where we painstakingly pluck individual hairs from out of the hair follicle down to the root. The good thing about tweezing is you are in control of each annoying hair you want removed. However, this can be time consuming and often painful. If you tweeze too much, sometimes the hair wont grow back.

Pros: You are more in control. You choose the shape. Excellent precision and hair will begin to grow back in your desired shape.

Cons: Don’t be overzealous as the hair might not grow back.

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Waxing- When wax is applied to the area and removed by a strip. The process is typically quick and not too painful. Waxing also last for around 3 weeks which is nicer in terms of the longer period in between regrowth.

Pros: Encourages slightly thinner regrowth as well as longer period between regrowth. Easier for “clean ups” and shaping.

Cons: Temporary redness. Harder to do on your own.

Eyebrows frame the face and are uniquely you. Whether you like the natural thick look or the perfectly shaped arch, we can make it happen. When it comes down to it, waxing tends to be the best option for most people. My word of advice would have to be let a professional do it! It’s inexpensive and easier than doing it yourself. Our Estheticians are excellent at all body waxes and will leave you looking fabulous.

Eyebrow waxes are $20.