Facial Masks and Anti-Aging

Facial Masks and Anti-Aging

Using a facial mask can be very beneficial in maintaining healthy, supple skin. A mask should be used to hydrate, sooth and enliven the skin.

It is best to avoid clay masks for they can be dehydrating, causing the skin to age. Clay’s tend to eliminate the skins beneficial natural moisture. They rarely remove black heads or blemishes, which is best done in a facial treatment with good, expertise extractions.

At Brazil on the Hill, our organic, Abadiah, skin care line offers a soothing Echinacea mask. Our mask uses:

– Honey, which is rich with vitamins and enzymes. It is also highly moisturizing.
– Echinacea, which is an anti-bacterial, that is soothing, balancing and healing.
– Comfrey for regeneration. It is a powerful herb that can heal broken bones.
– Gotu Kola, which is rich in vitamin A and renews skin cells.
– Horse Tail, which is rich in silica for skin strengthening.
– Indian Gooseberry, which is a great source of vitamin C that repairs collagen.

We love this nourishing, healing, soothing and anti-aging mask. It is good for all skin types, from normal, to acne, to aging. It tastes good too. Abadiah skin care is so natural, you can eat it!

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