Monday Newsletter: Toning your Skin

Anti-Aging Absorption: Toning your Skin

Toning is when we use a liquid to hydrate and create a palate for absorption of skin care product. It balances the PH of the skin creating a perfect environment for moisture to absorb. Be careful not to use drying and dehydrating alcohol based toners. These can remove the protective layer, known as the acid mantle, of the skin and cause anti-aging.

Healthy toning creates a soothing and balancing effect on the skin’s metabolism and structure. It is an important step in preventing the aging process.

Brazil on the Hill’s Adabiah Skin Care line offers toners fortified with pearl essence and structured vitamin water. While the pearl essence hydrates, regenerates and regulates the water metabolism, the vitamin water deeply heals and delivers nutrients to the skin. Each toner is then infused with specified floral and herbal nutrients to balance, hydrate and heal the skin.

Abadiah Skin Care offers soothing spearmint, anti-aging, roseaca and neem blemish skin lines for all your personal skin care needs.

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