Daily Skin Care Regime

Abadiah 100% Organic Skin Care

Daily Skin Care Regime


Helena Meyer’s Abadiah Skin Care products are formulated according to ancient principles. Because of this, the understanding of product application will be a bit different from the classical view point of skin care application. Abadiah follows a holistic approach, viewing the entire person and the ensemble of products as a unified wholeness. Each single product contains aspects of all other products, together, making a powerful, unified program for holistic skin care.

This daily regime ensemble will leave you with the function of cleansing from the herbs, milk, honey and therapeutic essential oils and the cleansing effect of nourishing, hydrating, regenerating and soothing.


Three Step Basic Daily Skin Care Routine

  1. Cleanser

Organic milk, honey, oat germ, and herbs so pure you could eat them! It cleanses the skin, while also hydrating, regenerating, revitalizing, balancing, healing, soothing, and evening out complexion. This is unlike any other cleanser and we need to have the skin notice that it is a nurturing experience, not just simply a cleansing of the skin.

  1. Toner

Prepared with pearl essence and structured vitamin water, this deeply hydrates creating the basis for the absorption of the following products, as well as creating a soothing, balancing effect on the skins metabolism and structure. It is an important step in preventing the aging process of the skin.

  1. Moisturizer

Applying moisturizer will be the next level of hydration and nourishment for the skin. It accomplishes a nourishing and lubricating effect on the skin, while providing a gentle shield to keep all the moisture in the skin for the entire day or night.


Additional Steps if Desired

  1. Exfoliator

A well nourished skin will not keratinize. Rough skin is due to keratinization from the use of harsh chemical products, harsh weather, illness and stress. After using Abadiah exfoliator products, the need to exfoliate will diminish.

  1. Serum

This product is highly concentrated with active ingredients that bring the most powerful regenerating, healing, balancing and nourishing effect depending on the need of the skin.

  1. Mask

Masks are used for a weekly or bi-weekly treatment for specific needs for skin conditions and problems, or even for a pleasant skin care regime.