Monday Newsletter: Anti-Aging and the Acid Mantle

Anti-Aging and the Acid Mantle

The body’s health is in an alkaline state. To alkaline itself, it pushes the acidity to the skins surface. This is known as the Acid Mantle. The acid mantle forms a protective later that holds moisture in the skin.
When we cleanse our face and body with soapy, glycolic, or other harsh and drying cleansers, we remove the acid mantle. When we cleanse our skin, it should feel soft, supple, clean and hydrated. If your skin feels dehydrated and taunt, you are removing the acid mantle and should change your skin regime.

The removal of the acid mantle does more damage to our skin than unprotected sun exposure. Therefore, we cause aging to our skin by the products we choose.

At Brazil on the Hill, our 100% Organic Abadiah facial cleansers are designed to protect the skin from this type of damage to the acid mantle. Abadiah provides organic skin care products that are so natural and nourishing for your skin that they are edible. Feeding your skin is a major key in anti-aging and skin heath. We carry four skin care lines by Abadiah, Spearmint for normal/sensitive skin, Anti-Aging for all skin types, Rosacea, and Neem for blemished skin.

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