Organic Airbrush Spray Tans

Get a gorgeous glow in 15 minutes with our custom, Organic Airbrush Spray Tans!

Our Airbrush Artists are trained using precise spray techniques to give you a flawless, natural & sun-kissed golden brown tan. You can expect a high quality tan sprayed by hand, we never use automatic Spray Tan Machines – so you don’t have to worry about looking orange or streaky! Plus, we customize each treatment to achieve the perfect color for your skin tone, so your tan is perfectly formulated for you.

We use an Organic, Aloe-Based solution, which has natural collagen-producing properties. This means each tan you get is an anti-aging treatment for your entire body!

With Sunless Airbrush Tanning, you can achieve the glowing skin you desire without worrying about damage to the skin!

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Organic Artesian Spray Tan
1st tan with us - $35
1 session - $45
3 sessions - $105

Rapid Tan Solution
1st tan with us - $40
1 session - $50
3 sessions - $120


PH Balancing Spray - $5 (Prep your skin before your airbrush tan for longer-lasting results)
DHA Booster Drops - $5 (Intensify your spray tan for a darker color)


Before your Airbrush Tan:

Exfoliate your entire body 1-48 hours prior to your appointment. This process will remove dead cells from the skin’s surface to optimize your tanning results.

Shaving/Waxing: Any regular waxing or shaving should be done no more than 24 hours in advance.

Cosmetics: To insure color and fade, please Avoid using the following prior to your Sunless/Airbrush session:

  • Makeup
  • Perfume/Cologne
  • Lotions or Oils
  • Deodorant

During your Appointment:

Wear loose, dark clothing - tight clothing may cause lines or creases in your tan.

Tan lines are optional. You can tan in the buff for an all-over tan, or wear something to create tan lines if desired. Bring your own underwear/bathing suit or use one of our disposable thongs. Don't worry, the tanning solution will wash out!

After your Appointment:

Avoid pools, hot tubs and sweating while your tan develops.

Shower after your tan develops:

  • Artesian Tan Solution - 24 hours after tanning for full results
  • Rapid Tan Solution - 4 hours for a light tan
  • Rapid Tan Solution - 6 hours for a medium tan
  • Rapid Tan Solution - 8 hours for a dark tan

Avoid exfoliation and shaving for a longer lasting tan.